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      My photography is my interpretation of the unique grace and complexity of the world around me. My camera lets me tell a story better then my words do. It gives me the the power to explore. My best photographs are the ones that I just find candidly on nature walks and hikes. My Garden series is a perfect example of how I veered off the path and got lost in the natural beauty of nature. 


Black and White Photography, Southwest Senior, Miami, Fl 33165

Fashion Photography, Miami Ad School, Wynwood, Miami, Fl 33127

Life, The World - Presently Attending



2008 - Miami Ad Showcase - Miami Ad School

2014 - RAW Artist Showcase - LMNT Gallery

2015 - Chocolate and Art Show - Wynwood Warehouse Project

2015 - Free and Fearless Art Charity Fundraiser



Ocean Drive, Modern Luxury Miami, American Way, Celebrated Living, The Florida Villager



Proficient in both PC and Mac platforms

Experienced with Photoshop, Affinity, and Lightroom.

Undertaken photo shoots involving varied types of lighting effects and locations.

Experimented with photographs using software to bring out detailed highlights.

Vast curiosity with a thirst for exploration and adventure.



People, Kids, Culture, Animals, Nature, Hiking, Kayaking, Exploring, Traveling


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